Scholarship- 2022

Scholarship Report

The applicant or his father must be a member for 24 months by the deadline.  You must apply during the first 3 years of advanced schooling, and you may apply up to 3 times, but you may only win once.

    Once the deadline has passed my job is to prepare the applications so that the applicant’s name, family name and school are not visible to the 5 members of the executive board who determine the winner.  This way the applicant’s family involvement in the B.A.A. should not influence the voting.  No member of the executive who has an applicant who is a family member (child, grandchild, niece, nephew) is allowed to participate in the process.  Once the winners are chosen I tell the committee who they have selected.  Then the winners and those not chosen will be notified by me of the outcome.
                                                                                      Al VanDenBergh
                                                                                      Scholarship Chairman


Brother Members, for 2022 the BAA Executive Board has awarded the scholarship to four excellent candidates, all of whom have at least two generation of BAA membership behind them.
Julia Deprez, daughter of Mark and Cheryl Deprez, is a graduate of Lake Orion High School with a 4.2 GPA and a 1350 SAT score.  During high school she was JV tennis 9th and 10th grades, Varsity tennis 11th and 12 grades, DECA 9th through 2th, National Honor Society 11th and 12th, and Student Council 9th through 12th.  Julia attends Michigan State University.  She also has a grandfather and two uncles in the BAA.
Alex Rizzo , son of Todd Rizzo and Andrea VanDenBergh, is a graduate of Bellevill High School with a 4.14 GPA and a 1430 SAT score.  During high school Alex was Varsity golf 9th through 12th, Varsity tennis 9th through 12th, Marching Band 9th through 12th, Science Olympiad 11th and 12th, Multicultural Club, Debate Club, NHS 10th through 12th, and had perfect attendance.  He has four generations of BAA memberships behind him: great great grandfather, great grandfather, grandfather, father and a great uncle and uncle.  He is also now attending Michigan State University.
Veronica VanRossen, Daughter of Edward D. VanRossen, is a graduate of Grosse Pointe South High School with a GPA of 3.64.  She participated in Varsity field hockey 9th through 12th, Varsity ice hockey 9th through 12th, Varsity Club 9th through 12th, NHS 11th and 12th, German NHS 11th and 12th, Student Council 9th through 12th, and German Club 9th through 12th.  She also got an AP scholar award in 2019.  She is attending the University of Maryland.  Her grandfather is also a member.
Eric Werbrouck, son of Don and Cindy Werbrouck, graduated from Henry Ford II High School with a GPA of 3.72 and an 1170 SAT score.  During high school Eric participated in Varsity soccer 10th through 12th and was captain in 12th, NHS 11th and 12th, Spanish Club, Spanish NHS, vice president of DECA and president of SADD.  He is now attending Madonna University on a soccer scholarship.  Both of his grandfathers were BAA members, and an uncle is a member now.
What always amazes me is how many things these young people can be involved in and still perform so well academically.  These are four outstanding young people, and our organization wishes them all success as they pursue their academic goals.
                                               Al VanDenBergh Jr.
                                               Scholarship Chairman