Scholarship- 2019

Brother Members,

For more than 30 years the Belgian-American Association has been giving out scholarships to the children of members as they begin their post-secondary education.  The candidates are judged on their academic performance in high school, national test scores, extra-curricular involvements, community involvements and an essay written by them about “What It Means To Be  Belgian.”  We now give out three $1000 scholarships including a complimentary 1 year membership in the B.A.A or B.A.A Auxiliary for the recipient.  Once the applicants have submitted all their materials the winners are chosen anonymously by the scholarship committee.  What that means is all references to the applicant’s identity is removed from their materials so that the committee does not know who the applicants are.  In addition, no one is allowed on the committee who has a relative as a candidate.  The scholarship chairman is also prohibited from being on the committee.  That is the procedure we follow to insure honesty in our selections.

Scholarship Winners 2019

The three winners of this year’s B.A.A. scholarship are the following:  Katy Dedene, Jacob Huyghe and Evan Werbrouck.

Katy Dedene was a 2017 graduate of Regina High School with a 3.47 G.P.A. and a 24 A.C.T. score.  While in high school she participated in dance team and softball from her freshman through junior years, peer ministry, Eucharistic ministry and yearbook in her senior year.  Katy was awarded scholarships from Alma College, Oakland University, University of Detroit and Wayne State University.  She also received departmental awards from Fine Arts and social studies from Regina.  She is the daughter of Jerry and Karen Dedene and attends Wayne State University.

Jacob Huyghe was a 2018 graduate of Anchor Bay High School with a 4.32 G.P.A. and a 1400 S.A.T. score.  He also took many honors and advanced placement courses in high school.  He also played junior varsity and varsity soccer, was in the chorale for four years and played club soccer.  Anchor Bay Schools gave him academic awards for all four years of high school, plus specific awards for French, Chemistry and English.  He was also on the Macomb County Conference All-Academic team for soccer.  Jacob is the son of Ken and Jennifer Huyghe, the grandson of Dick and Betty Huyghe, and a nephew of a host of other Huyghes.  Jacob is attending Lawrence Technological University.

Evan Werbrouck is a 2018 graduate of Henry Ford II High School with a 3.34 G.P.A. , an A.C.T. score of 19 and a S.A.T. score of 1120.  While in high school, Evan was involved in D.E.C.A., Spanish Club, S.A.D.D., Kids Against Hunger and the Macomb County Emergency Shelter Team.  He was certified as bilingual in Spanish, and a national qualifier at the D.E.C.A. (Distributive Education Clubs of America) state conference.  In addition he worked summers at TD Industrial Coatings.  Evan is the son of Don and Cindy Werbrouck, and the grandson of Jack Pieters, the late Leona Pieters, the late Don Werbrouck, and Yvette Werbrouck.  Evan attends Michigan State University.

What always amazes me is how much these young people are involved in, and yet are still able to achieve high grades in school.  They are all very nice young people and should do well as they further their educations.  The B.A.A. wishes them well.

Al VanDenBergh Jr.
Scholarship Chairman