March 2021 Minutes – Retirees

March 9, 2021

The Belgian American Retirees Club met at noon on March 8, 2021, at the Lutheran Fraternities Hall with 36 members in attendance.
President Gary Huyghe opened the meeting with a moment of silence for sick and deceased members.
The Pledge if Allegence was said.
Roll call of officers and board members showed.
Treasurer Roland Deprez reported the financial status, with a balance of
Birthdays – Jeanne Aluia, Suzy DeSmet, Butch DeSmet, Paul Joye, Barb Carlier, Ron Nyboer,  Roland Deprez, Richard Huyghe, Violet Joye
Anniversaries – None
Gifts to the Raffle were made by Barb Carlier, Richard Huyghe, Roland Deprez , Ron Nyboer
Sick Report: Julius Voet
Games Report:   Bien – 4 players
Euchre – 4 players
Pinochle –       6 players
31 – 10 players

Raffle: Mike Gray and Etienne Elskens reported – 19 – prizes
After the luncheon members went on to the various card games.

Respectfully submitted: Bob Maes