Don Werbrouck Award

Each year the Belgian-American Association has recognized one of its members with a plaque in their honor for their contributions to the B.A.A or the Belgian community.  Originally, this award was called the Man of the Year Award.  In 2002, the name of the award was changed to be a memorial to Don Werbrouck in honor of the many years that he served the club and the Belgian community.  The following is a listing of the award recipients:

    Man of the year for 2018 is
    Scott Schumacher
George Beels 1989 Etienne Elskens 2008
Al VanDenBergh Jr. 1990 Chuck Horan 2000 Dick Huyghe 2009
Marcel Vianne 1991 Gary Huyghe 2001 Norm Kay 2010
Charlie Phlypo 1992 Frank Baecke 2002 Mel Ferdinande 2011
Oscar Vercruysse 1993 Leo Michaels 2003 Mike Huyghe 2011
Frank Mahieu 1994 Bob Putrycus 2004 Julius Voet 2012
Donn Brooks 1995 Larry Mahieu 2005 Maurice VanCoillie 2013
Don Werbrouck 1996 Joe Deckers 2006 John Roelandt 2014
Roland Deprez 1997 Paul Allemon 2007 Antoon Huyghe 2015
Arsene VanVooren 1998 Bob Grant 2007 Robert Hison 2016
Walt Baier 1999 Charles Myny 2017