Member Events 2019

May 21,2019General Meeting7:30pm
June 9,2019Golf Outing at Bello Woods 8:30 am start
Jun 18,2019General Meeting7:30pm
July 1,2019BAA Band concert for The Macomb Chamber Music Society. In front of Blossum Heath 7pm
July 7,2019Joint Picnic with BACC at Blossom Heath ( Noon-6pm)
July 16,2019General Meeting7:30pm
Aug 20,2019General Meeting7:30pm
Sept 8,2019Golf Outing at Bello Woods 8:30 am start
Sept 17,2019General Meeting7:30pm
Oct 6,2019 Joint Memorial Mass with BACC at St. Margaret’s   Noon
Oct 15,2019Joint Meeting7:30pm
Oct 23-25,2019Casino Trip TBD
Nov 19,2019General Meeting7:30pm
Dec 17,2019General Meeting7:30pm